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Woodworm is a term for woodboring insects, it is the larvae of the insect that eats “lignin” (the glue that holds the wood fibers together) which forms the woods structural integrity – without this the timbers turn to dust.

In order to allow for the best course of treatment, our experienced and highly qualified surveyors will carry out a thorough inspection of your property. Treatments required to exterminate and prevent returning woodworm for up to 30 years, will be tailored to your needs as our surveyors will assess:

  • The extent of your problem & inspect any external defects that may have caused it
  • The species of woodworm attacking timbers
  • The activity level of the infestation & whether it is historical or active

We are based in surrey and provide our specialist woodworm treatment service across all areas in the south of the UK. We deal with anything from major structural timbers in roof spaces to entire buildings including floors outbuildings like barns. All our vans have specialist equipment to deal with the most challenging of properties. We can even deal with wood boring insects in known bat roosts where normal treatments wont be possible due to that being a danger to the bats, currently you can get fined £5,000 a bat for. We treat all species of woodworm and guarantee all our treatments at no extra cost to you.

Up to 30 year guarantees


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…and all other towns within

20 to 30 minutes.

Survey Process

Our surveys are professional and we use specialist equipment to gather the correct information we therefore charge a consultation fee…

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Woodworm Control

Here at WoodPecker WoodWorm we would prepare the timbers either by sanding them down or cleaning the frass…

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Why Us?

All of your operatives at Woodpecker Woodworm from surveyor to treatment specialist are fully employed local operatives…

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Our Team Is Your Team

Our team are friendly DBS enhanced checked and fully employed. We wear clean branded clothing and go the extra mile…

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Fully Insured

We are fully insured up to £5 million in public and private damage. So your mind will be at rest.