Woodworm Control

Woodworm Control

Using The Correct Method Is Vital

There are many types of methods  available to treat different situations, properties and timber types.

The most commonly incorrectly used method to treat and control woodworm is a normal spray. It is highly advisable that only timber specialist treatment companies are used. For example large dimensional timbers can not be sprayed for effective control, you would need injection treatment or paste on treatment which gives much higher penetration in to the wood. 

Here at Woodpecker Woodworm® we use

  • Injection in to timbers
  • Specialist pumps
  • Paste on gels
  • Bat friendly treatments
  • Woodworm treatment equipment for listed buildings

Because we use our specialist methods this enables us to treat the wood correctly and therefore guarantee treatment.

Here at Woodpecker Woodworm® we would prepare the timbers either by sanding them down or cleaning the frass ( bi product of the woodworm) off from the timbers. We then treat the timbers with specialist woodworm treatment.

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